"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000" (POL)
H#4-n * judge/comment: Piotr Murdzia * award: July 2001
68 authors * 19 countries * 131 compositions (16 in award)

H#4  3 sol.                       (7 + 8)

Nr. 007
Евгений Марков, Russia   4. Hon. Men.
"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000", Jul
y 2001

Sol. 1:    1.Qxg2+ Ke1 2.Qxd2+ Kf1 3.Qg2+ Ke1 4.Qb7 Rxa2#
Sol. 2:    1.Qc8 c5 2.Qxh3 c6 3.Qf5 Rh8 4.Qb5 Ra8#
Sol. 3:    1.c6 c5 2.Bd5 Rh1 3.Bxg2+ Kxg2 4.b5 Ra1#

"It's obvious that white rook will take part in the play, so black must leave it from a very closed position. After finding two soluzions with the queen it is quite surprising that the last part belongs to the black bishop."

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