"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000" (POL)
H#4-n * judge/comment: Piotr Murdzia * award: July 2001
68 authors * 19 countries * 131 compositions (16 in award)

H#4  2 sol.                      (3 + 13)

Nr. 005
Dieter Müller, Germany   2. Hon. Men.
"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000", Jul
y 2001

Sol. 1:    1.g5 g3 2.Bg6 Nf2+ 3.Kf5 Ng4 4.Re4 Nh6#
Sol. 2:    1.Nf4 Kb2 2.Te2+ Kc3 3.Ke3 Nf2 4.Be4 Nd1#

"In both solutions without twins black units leave squares for another units of the same colour. White pawn plays in each phase. This problem doesn't belong to my favourite group of helpmates from the tourney, but I find it as a well-done work and I spent quite long time to solve it."

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