"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000" (POL)
H#4-n * judge/comment: Piotr Murdzia * award: July 2001
68 authors * 19 countries * 131 compositions (16 in award)

H#6.5  2 sol.                       (2 + 6)

Nr. 004
Анатолий Караманиц, Ukraine   1. Hon. Men.
"Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000", Jul
y 2001

Sol. 1:    0..Nd2 1.Bd7 Nf3 2.Rcc6 Kb2 3.Rb6+ Kc3 4.Ke6 Kd4 5.Qe7 Ke4 6.Rd6 Ng5#
Sol. 2:    0..Na3 1.Rd2 Nc2 2.Ke6 Kb2 3.Qc7 Kc3 4.Rd7 Ne3 5.Kd6 Kd4 6.Re6 Nf5#

"It was one of the hardest problem in the tourney for me. I like here that white units stand on the edge of the board, what make solutions much more difficult to find them. Final positions aren't new, but ways to gain them are quite interesting."

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