*Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000* (POL)
H#4-n * judge/comment: Piotr Murdzia * award: July 2001
68 authors * 19 countries * 131 compositions (16 in award)

H#4.5  2 sol.                      (3 + 14)

Nr. 003
Юрий Гордиан & Евгений Орлов, Ukraine   3. Prize
*Marriage Rybak & Murdzia - 2000*, July 2001

Sol. 1:    0..Bxd4 1.Nd5 Bf6 2.Kxf6 Ne7 3.Ke5 Kd2 4.Kd4 Nc6#
Sol. 2:    0..Nxh4 1.g4 Ng6 2.Kxg6 Bxg7 3.Kg5 Kf2 4.Kh4 Bf6#

"Zilahi, switchbacks, clearing squares for black king. All that is perfectly matched in one position with a very economic use of white force. It is my favourite problem among all helpmates in the tourney. I would give it the first prize, if I haven't found recently very similar problem (Ch.Jonsson, Springaren 1999) during Chech Championship in solving. There are switchbacks and clearing squares added here, what is enough for high note, but not for the first prizes."

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