excl. Report

*Marriage Rybak & Murdzia* 2000 (POL)
Helpmates 4-n#

judge: Piotr Murdzia * award: July 2001
68 authors * 19 countries * 131 compositions * 16 honoured

     In the first words I would like to thank together with my wife all participants for taking part in the tourney and, by this, celebrating our wedding.
     It was very specific tourney, in which difficulty of solution was much appreciated. Of course, all traditional criterions of judging as originality, strategic wealth, economy and aestethic value, were here also taken into consideration. In order to check how difficult a problem was I decided to solve it by myself. That's why descriptions of anonymous works, prepared for me by my wife, informed me only about length and quantity of solutions. In January I started solving 131 helpmates, this is a number of participating problems. I was frighten after solving the first problem, what took me more than hour! Then I realised the date of the final results was too optimistic. I hope participants will forgive me three months of delay, caused unexpected number of participanting problems.
     Unfortunately, 35 problems was incorrect. With longer helpmates it's quite natural situation. If somebody doesn't have a computer and a special program for testing correctness of problems, that's how it was in many cases, it is impossible to avoid all duals and secondary solutions. Three problems, which pretended to high distinctions, found in this group of helpmates.
     I couldn't include several interesting problems in the award, deserving for distinctions in a traditional tourneys, because they were too easy to solve them. (...)
     After excluding problems which realised well-worn ideas and technically unfinished works I decided to give the following distinctions:
1° Prize Marcin Banaszek GER H#4 3 sol.
2° Prize Stefan Parzuch POL H#4 2 sol.
3° Prize Jurij Gordian, Evgenij Orlov UKR H#4.5 2 sol.
1° Hon. Mention Anatolij Karamanits UKR H#6.5 2 sol.
2° Hon. Mention Dieter Müller GER H#4 2 sol.
3° Hon. Mention Christopher Feather GBR H#6  
4° Hon. Mention Evgenij Markov RUS H#4 3 sol.
5° Hon. Mention Alessandro Cuppini ITA H#4 3 sol.
Sp. Hon. Mention Vladislav Buńka (4 problems) CZE H#4 A,R,P,M
1° Commendation Eug. Iwanow, Rysz. Kapica, Wlad. Rosolak POL H#7  
2-3° Commendation Anatolij Karamanits UKR H#6 a) b)
2-3° Commendation Anatolij Karamanits UKR H#7 a) b)
4° Commendation Harald Gruber, Dieter Müller GER H#4 a) b)